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Performing Street

The multiple layers of inverted arched ceilings, reminiscent of woven hats and the fluttering of the skirts of Awa Odori dance performers, act like a stage curtain and invite people in. It creates a three-dimensional pathway that allows visitors to feel as if they are watching the stage or standing on the stage at various locations while walking around indoors and outdoors.

Multi-functional hall, Theater, Concert hall, Studio, Park, Parking lot

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A continuous three-dimensional landscape with the gentle topography of the mountains extends around the perimeter of the building and into the park. A 400-meter pedestrian deck traversing the site from north to south generates a flow of people like a river.  Crossing the long and narrow site, various scenes develop in the form of a belt.

At night, the activities inside the building are visible as silhouettes, and serve as streetlights that dimly illuminate the area. The rooms used by the general public, such as the activity section and the open foyer, have glass openings so that the interior can be seen from the outside, so that the shadows of people seen through the polycarbonate can be seen in conjunction with the actual images in the glass, and the vitality of the facility can be seen in the city.

Utilizing the existing topography, the new buildings, and the fill from the excavation The existing topography, new buildings, and excavated fill will be used to create a three-dim